Sheriff Andy Batten  

Sheriff Andy Batten was born and raised in Bacon County. After graduating high school Sheriff Batten enlisted in the Unites Stated Marine Corps. During his time in the Marines, he served in various roles from basic infantryman, anti-tank assault gunner, and part of a special security force detachment, which trained in anti-terrorism. Sheriff Batten was honorably discharged as a Sergeant in 1999 and returned home to Alma.

In January 2021 Sheriff Batten took the Oath of Sheriff, 21 years from the date he began his career with Bacon County Sheriffs Office. In January of 2000 Sheriff Batten was hired as a Jailer where he worked until being promoted to a road deputy position. Sheriff Batten worked in all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office and was responsible for various youth programs. During his time as a Deputy, he obtained numerous advance certifications to include general law enforcement instructor. Sheriff Batten having started at the bottom and working his way up through the Sheriff’s Office developed the skills and experience needed to be an effective leader. Sheriff Batten who is also a successful small business owner not only brings with him business management skills, but also years of experience, leadership, and work ethics. Sheriff Batten has a passion for helping and serving others and looks forward to leading the Bacon County Sheriff’s Office in a positive and productive direction, to create a Sheriff’s Office that all citizens can be proud of. Sheriff Batten would like for the citizens of Alma and Bacon County to know that the Sheriff’s Office belongs to them, not the man in the office.

Sheriff Batten is married to Kim Music Batten and they have 2 boys. They are active members of New Vision Church.

                Dedicated To Professional Law Enforcement 

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