Sheriff Mark A Cothren

I began my career with the Bacon County Sheriff’s Office in 1990. I have served as a member of each Sheriff’s administration. I have worked as a Jail Officer, Chief Jailer, Patrolman, Investigator, and Chief Deputy. I am well versed in my profession. With 26 years of service, I have the experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office.I am a man of the people, for the people, and by the people. I will serve each citizen with the compassion, dignity, and respect that they deserve. As the Sheriff of Bacon County, my office will be open to address any concerns of the citizens of Bacon County. I have, and will remain helpful and courteous to our citizens in their time of need. I want every citizen to feel comfortable when they interact with the Bacon County Sheriff’s Office. I look forward to leading the Sheriff’s Office into the future with compassion, loyalty, and dedication that you have come to know from me, Mark Cothren. 

                Dedicated To Professional Law Enforcement 

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