Bacon County Created:
By an act of the Legislature approved July 27, 1914, Bacon County was created; the Act being a proposed amendment of the Constitution of the State of Georgia requiring ratification by the qualified voters of the State.  Upon submission to the voters the proposed amendment was ratified at the polls by the voters in the General Election in November 1914; thus the new county, named for Senator Augustus O. Bacon of Georgia had its birth. – The History of Alma & Bacon County, Georgia Volume 1.  

First Sheriff of Bacon County:
The first Sheriff of Bacon was James W. Googe who was elected by the voters in the November 20, 1914 election.   Sheriff Googe had 6 opponents and won the election with 242 votes.  The closest opponent to Sheriff Googe was Chester H. Bennett who received 221 votes.   – The History of Alma & Bacon County, Georgia Volume 1.  

First Deputies of Bacon County – 1915:
C.C. Albritten, W.C. Mercer, T.R. Bullard, R.S. Lee, Francis Warnock, Harley Thomas, J.A. Jones, R.M. Aldridge, G.E. Smith, W.L. Johnson.

​                  Sheriff’s Of Bacon County

Sheriff Andy Batter  01/01/2021

Sheriff Mark Cothren  01/01/2017-  12/31/2020

Sheriff Richard R. Foskey01/01/2001 – 01/01/2017

Sheriff Johnny L. (“Bucky”) Hayes 01/01/1993 – 01/01/2001

Sheriff Russell Tanner01/01/1965 – 01/01/1993

Sheriff Raymond Douglas01/01/1961 – 01/01/1965

Sheriff Liston W. Wildes   01/01/1952 – 01/01/1961

Sheriff W.C. Courson   12/05/1943 – 01/01/1952

Sheriff Andrew Floyd Courson   01/01/1933 – 11/29/1943

Sheriff Walter L. Johnson10/17/1925 – 01/01/1933

Sheriff James W. Googe  11/20/1914 – 10/17/1925 

** Sheriff Russell Tanner is the longest serving Sheriff in Bacon County with 28 years of service as Sheriff.  Sheriff Tanner then went on to serve the citizens of Bacon County as the Chairman of the County Commissioners for 4 years. 

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