Gregory Hugh Boatright

169 Wood Lane
Alma, Ga 31510

Height:  6'Weight:  235

Crime:  Child Molestation
Conviction Date: 10/18/2004
Conviction County:  Bacon

Willie Jackson
** Incarcerated GA DOC
Height:  5'10"Weight:  215
Crime: Rape
Conviction Date: 10/30/1989
Conviction County:  Bacon
Verde Aselno Maldonado
** Incarcerated - Kentucky
Height:  5'10"Weight:  180
Crime:  Sexual Battery
Conviction Date: 5/15/2006
Conviction County:  Bacon
Clifford Michael Morgan

965 Scuffletown Highway
​Alma. Ga 31510

Height:  5'5"Weight:  135

Crime:  Child Molestation
Conviction Date: 6/5/1996
Conviction County: Bulloch
Donnie Dewayne Siffles, Jr.

** Incarcerated - GA DOC

Height:  5'5"Weight:  140

Crime:  Child Molestation
Conviction Date:  10/3/1998
Conviction County:  Bacon

Benny Ray Tanner
280 Spruce Drive
Height:  5'11"Weight:  166
Crime: Attempted Child Molestation
Conviction Date: 6/13/2000
Conviction County: Borrow
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Jessie Wayne Youngblood


 120 CottonWood Lane

Height:  5'8"Weight:  270

Crime:  Child Molestation
Conviction Date:  9/16/2010
Conviction County:  Bacon

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Charles D. Batson

126 Quart Douglas Road

Height:  5'10"Weight:  185

Crime: LEWD Lascivious Act - Child
Conviction Date: 12/10/01
Conviction County:  State of Florida

David Luke Tullis
410 W. 5th Street
Height: 6'    Weight:  250
Crime: Indecency With A Child
Conviction Date:  10/19/1993
Conviction County:  Walker County, TX
Jerome Anthony Gibson
** Incarcerated - GA DOC 
Height: 6'1"Weight: 220
Crime:  Statutory Rape
Conviction Date:  8/20/2002
Conviction County:  Bacon
Reginald J Smiley

114 Turner Lane

Height:5'10         Weight:185
Crime:Statutory Rape
Conviction Date: 04/04/2014
Conviction County: Bacon

Korey Lynn Kirkland

174 Fisheman Road    
Alma Ga 31510

Height: 505     Weight: 174
Crime: Child Molestation
Conviction Date: 07/21/2008
Conviction County: Coffee 

Brian Mitchell Ellis

812 Iowa River Road
Alma GA 31510

Height: 601       Weight: 200
Crime: Child Molestation 
Conviction Date:10/13/2009
Conviction County: Bacon
Larry Lamont Medders

206 High Bluff Road    
Alma  GA 31510

Height: 600      Weight: 164
Conviction Date:
Conviction County: Duval County (Florida)
Jeffery Robinson

520 East 15TH Street
Alma, GA 31510

Height: 507    Weight: 170
Crime: Statutory Rape
Conviction Date: 02/21/1997
Conviction County: Ware
Stevie Allen Johnson 

131 Parker Road
Alma,Ga 31510
Height:602       Weight: 180
Crime: Statutory Rape
Conviction Date: 10/30/2006
Conviction County: Bacon
Louis Daniel Panepinto

2043 Ga 32 West
Alma, GA 31510 

Height: 600      Weight: 185
Crime: Open Lewdness, Indecent Exposure
Conviction Date: 12/12/2007
Conviction County: Washington PA