The below listed individuals are registered sex offenders that live in Bacon County.  To see a photo and conviction information click on the name and you will be directed to another page.
1.   Barton, Glenn Thomas
** Incarcerated - Bacon County Jail
2.    Boatright, Gregory Hugh   
169 Wood Lane
Alma, GA
3.   Collins, Bobby Dean  Jr.
117 Clinch River Trail
Alma, GA
4.   Canty, James Huey
226 Spruce Dr.
      Alma, GA
5.   Gibson, Jerome Anthony
      ** Incarcerated - Bacon Co. Jail
6.   Gilbert, Arnold  Ray
309 Bayberry Road
Alma, GA
7.   Griffin, Kenneth Storm
135 Ben Bland Road
Alma, GA
8.   Jackson, Willie
** Incarcerated - Bacon County Jail
9.   Jerrideau, Jermaine Robmez
** Incarcerated - Georgia D.O.C.
     10.   Johnson, Stevie Allan III
** Incarcerated - Georgia D.O.C.
      11.  Lewis, Miles Ragan
126 Cotton Wood Lane
Alma, GA
      12.  Maldonado, Verde Aselno
** Incarcerated - Kentucky
      13.  Morgan, Clifford Michael
1674 W. 4th Street Ext.
Alma, GA
      14.  Rogers, Bobby
123 Ocelot Road
Alma, GA
15.  Siffles, Donnie Dewayne JR.
       313 Teakwood Road
  Alma, GA
16.  Siffles, Darryl  Lee
181 Rock River Road
       Alma, GA
17.  Smith, Bobby Sherman
       ** Incarcerated - Georgia D.O.C.
18.  Tanner, Benny Ray
 280 Spurce Dr.
 Alma, GA
19.  Taylor, Clayton Lewis
             250 Caribou Rd.
       Mershon, GA
20.  Taylor, Jeffrey
 109 Dandelion Lane
 Alma, GA
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